The Indie Rundown Podcast Ep. 91 Featuring Michael Agliolo

After a 30 year career producing images for most fortune 500 companies, professional photographer Michael Agliolo re-established himself as an author. Michael takes us through what his life was like as a photographer, how the profession has changed over the years and what drove him to be a novelist. We really enjoyed speaking with him as he shared many lessons he’s learned over his illustrious career!

Michael is currently working on his 3rd novel and his first two novels (“Last Light” and “The 51st Directive”) are available for purchase here.

The Indie Rundown Podcast Michael Agliolo (#91)

by Michael Tula and Zach Salazar

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An entertainment podcast geared toward Indie-Creatives. Hosted by Michael Tula and Zach Salazar -- featuring guest interviews, movie reviews, and much more ...

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With over thirty years producing images for fortune 500 companies, Michael Agliolo’s vision has evolved from revealing the outside world of images to revealing the inside domain of his imagination.

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