Michael Agliolo

Author, Photographer, Artist

The 51st Directive

A deftly crafted political techno-thriller that will have readers turning pages late into the night.

Last Light

“This author’s first flight is a winner! It holds the reader from the first page to the last in a spellbinding tale.” 

The Empath

Hits all the right notes!
Fast-paced, edge-of-the seat suspense that doesn’t let go until the last page.

Meet the Author…

Michael Agliolo

With a master’s degree in photography and a thirty-year career producing images for most of the fortune 500 companies, Michael Agliolo’s vision has evolved from revealing the outside world of images to revealing the inside domain of his imagination…

“Michael’s Writing is Nothing Short of Cinematic.”

Last Light

Photographer Matt Reese, struck by a flash of light, is catapulted into a near-death experience that leads he and his beautiful model, Elaine Gardner—into the epicenter of a world on the brink of nuclear war...

The 51st Directive

Discover the power of the 51st Directive through the eyes of Erica Brewer—a tall, tough blue-eyed FBI field agent with an attitude and drive that's harder to stop than a bullet. Your world is about to change forever...

The Empath

You'll never view the world the same, after feeling it through the eyes of The Empath. Michael's latest offering grabs yours emotions and compels you on a journey you won't soon forget...

Intelligent, Compelling, Fast-paced.

What Readers are Saying…

I’ve now read all of Michael Agliolo’s books and have great admiration for this new and upcoming author. Written in the same vein as David Baldacci, Lee Child, and John Grisham, Agliolo’s works are exciting, compelling and fascinating, everything we want in a great read….

Billybob Clampton

Sharply executed, intelligent and fast paced, The 51st Directive takes a harrowing central theme, and delivers a power packed conspiracy thriller. As protagonists FBI Agent Erica Brewer and Detective Sam Marco find themselves battling against the clock to stop events that will change American history forever. With proceedings evolving in tightly focused chapters that take us to the crux of Michael Agliolo’s narrative it’s certainly a high octane read.

Book Viral

If you enjoy spy-type thrillers then this is definitely for you. I enjoy a good thriller, however this kind of read is out of my norm. I am glad I took the time to read it. It does put into question….what if? Considering the power the government has over everything, it is a valid concern and this book will take you on a thrilling and scary journey of What If??

Angel White


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A career spanning over thirty  years, while creating iconic images for fortune 500 companies and partnering with some of the best photographers in the world. We currently have over 3,000 images available in stock agencies.

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