Plugged In And Turned On In Paradise

Since we were trying to figure out just how the show would both be shot, we didn’t engage a large crew. So It was mostly myself and a few buddies, one of whom, Michael Agliolo, is a seasoned commercial still-photographer.

He ran handheld video. Mike works real magic behind a still camera, but it was pretty funny when on the first day of the shoot I caught him holding the camera in the vertical position. The look on his face when I reminded him this is video was priceless.

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Plugged In & Turned On in Paradise (and our production for the Public Broadcasting System, Paradise Music Hour) is our new hour-long, music-based TV series highlighting the amazing musical talents that are the hidden gems of the West Coast.

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With over thirty years producing images for fortune 500 companies, Michael Agliolo’s vision has evolved from revealing the outside world of images to revealing the inside domain of his imagination.

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