10 Photography Tips from a Grumpy Old Professional Photographer

For the aspiring photographers or for the people that just suck at taking photos. I got you! Here’s ten photography tips, from a grumpy old professional photographer.

1. Two eye’s – learn to keep both eyes open (you’ll live a longer life).
No matter what eye you use to look through the view-finder (I use my right eye) make sure you hold the camera so that you can see past your camera body with your other eye. When you are concentrating on what you’re seeing through the lens, your other (open eye) will see the what’s happening outside of the image frame (like a car, animal, tree branch, athlete, etc.) coming at you.

2. When its ugly in the daytime, it’s usually beautiful at night!
Buildings, tree’s, cities, animals, and (yeah) people can use some dark makeup (light). Use a tripod and a long exposure to make your subject go from, “boring, flat and old” to visually entertaining. Hint: make sure there’s a tad bit of light left in the background to create depth perception.

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