“Agliolo is a writer to watch.”

The 51st. Directive

When FBI agent Erica Brewer finds a letter sent to her boss that begins with “I am dead,” and warns of a conspiracy to overtake the U.S. Government from within, she suspects a hoax. Three hours later, the apartment building of the man who claimed to be ‘dead’ is on fire. Written in first person, we witness the unfolding of a conspiracy that threatens the lives of every member of Congress and pits the armed forces of the United States against each other in a military standoff for control of the nation.

“Highly Entertaining and Unpredictable.”

What Readers Are Saying About the 51st Directive…

FBI agent Erica Brewer is a wise-cracking, drop dead gorgeous 31-year-old blue-eyed brunette divorcee who uncovers a plot to take over the U.S. Government–from within. The tale that unfolds is a deftly crafted political techno-thriller that will have readers turning pages late into the night.

“The 51st Directive” ($9.99 in paperback, self-published; also for Amazon Kindle), by Chico writer (and photographer) Michael Agliolo, takes its title from an actual document. As Agliolo notes, it’s a “Presidential Directive which claims power to execute procedures for the continuity of the federal government in the event of a ‘catastrophic emergency.'”

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Dan Barnett

Musable Blog

This is an outstanding story of treason and constitutional law in the United States. It has murder, solders, intrigue, suspense, mystery, romance, friendship and politics. In short, a very intense but enjoyable read.

L. Arrowood

I bought the book after virtually meeting the author on Twitter. My mom read it before I got to it; starting it yesterday and finishing today. She loved it. She said it was great from the start and loved the characters and the plot. It was well written. She says it taught her many things that she didn’t know, or if she did know them, she had forgotten them. Those are her words, not mine. lol As you know, Mom knows best, so go get yourself a copy.

Angela M. Dokos

This book is a real page turner! A very interesting scenario showing how well our Constitution was written. A very interesting story on how our government can operate.

Trish Boesel

“The 51st Directive takes a harrowing central theme, and delivers a power-packed conspiracy thriller.”

“Michael’s First Novel is stunning!”

The Last Light

M​ichael Agliolo’s stunning first novel takes you on a journey through human history on a collision course with nuclear Armageddon. Nine words, written in an ancient language, are found embedded deep in the pixels of a photograph taken by Photographer Matt Reese.

Struck by a flash of light Matt and model Elaine Gardner experience a simultaneous near-death experience that leads them to the epicenter of a world on the brink of nuclear war. As the past echoes to today, the power of a single photograph is all that separates humanity from World War III.

“This Author’s First Flight is a Winner.”

What Readers Are Saying About The Last Light…

This author’s first flight is a winner…! It holds the reader from the first page to the last in a spellbinding tale. Interwoven with history and spiritual themes, this book will keep you turning pages all night until you reach the surprising and satisfying end…


Originality and authenticity have always been the bedrock of great fiction and in Last Light Michael Agliolo comfortably delivers on both counts. Blending apocalyptic conspiracy and biblical dogma, it’s a literary undertaking that might daunt the most seasoned of authors. But it’s one which Agliolo manages with enviable panache with his descriptive ability painting scenes that are compelling and immersive.

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Book Viral

As a first book by Michael Agliolo, it has a highly polished and well constructed story. Overlapping his extensive knowledge and experience as a long time professional photographer, is a story that includes romance without being gushy, and a more interesting take from writings on the New Testament, just a bit more than hinting at a biblical transformation to world peace. I look forward to more stories by this author and recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good novel with a twist that would not have been obvious until the final chapter.

Mt. Man Davey

Michael Agliolo’s first book Last Light is a well written and engaging apocalyptic drama that takes us around the globe. In addition to covering the history lovers, this novel also has a hint of romance for those who love a good romantic tale. This was Angliolo’s first book and I am quite impressed, as he engaged the reader, kept a great pace, and wrote in a style that many would enjoy. I look forward to reading more of his work.

Robin Perron

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“…the debut novel by this author is a real page-turner.”

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Michael’s Newest Book

The Empath

“Agliolo’s “The Empath” isn’t an empty show of virtuosity but rooted in his belief in the power and obligation of old-fashioned storytelling.”

You’ll never view the world the same, after feeling it through the eyes of The Empath. Michael’s latest offering grabs your emotions and compels you on a journey you won’t soon forget…

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